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Oct. 31st, 2008 @ 03:31 pm (no subject)
Current Location: work in medway
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
definitely need to use this to vent again...i thought these days were over...

so i was obviously stupid to think that after college and classes i wouldnt have to deal with being around people i couldnt stand anymore.  when i started working at this job i really liked everyone i worked with, and the only person i dont like is the one person i never work with, so it works out.  then this new girl started, and she's around my age unlike everyone else here so it was awesome at first....we would gab all day and i finally had someone i could talk to about pretty much aspect of my life and feel like i didnt have to censor anything.  i dont have to censor much with the other people here, eveyrone is down to earth and awesome, but obviously its easier to relate to someone your own age.  but now i am starting to realllllly get annoyed.  i dont want to be cuz she works the same days as me and almost the same schedule.  im trying hard and i really still enjoy being able to talk and relate to her but im starting to just not like her character.  she already complains way too much about the job for only being here a few weeks...she cant deal with unstructured time and sometimes being bored...which is happens here a lot.  we have to be on our toes all the time  and some days are extremely hectic and other days arent.  but then when she has a hectic day she complains about that too.  sooo i dont understand what she wants.  she is way too loud and outspoken in an extremely inappropriate way, especially around the clients.  sorry but i dont think u shoudl be talking about getting wasted around people with mental illness, some of which are recovered alcoholics.  she was a neuroscience major in college so she thinks she is high and mighty.  she thinks she wants to be a psychiatrist and i could see her doing something like that cuz she is smart....but for this type of job she is just not made for it.  she lets the normal day to day stuff get to her way too much.  she just doesnt seem to have much empathy, and u need that for this job.  and she is just so loud all the time and i miss my quiet days in the office.  she's just too much (wow sounds like someone else i used to bitch about in here...).  i also think she has a drinking problem, and she told me today how it runs in her family.  its like allll she talks about....every story is about when she was drinking, or this time she was drunk, and blah blah blah....i think at 23 u should be past that.  nothing wrong with still getting drunk, but talking about it like ur an 18 year old still fresh into partying and drinking is just immature.  everyone was surprised when they realized she was older than me cuz everyone just assumed i was older cuz i seemed more mature.  im just trying to hold back venting about her too much cuz i know i will just let myself get more and more and more irritated day by day and its so not worth it when i have to be with her everyday.  as much as its awesome we are full staffed again, part of me wants her to get too bored and quit...cuz she already has way too much to bitch about.  and she already pretty much admitted she thinks she'll get bored after 6 months to a year.  so we have to drive this big mother of a van, 15 passenger...she got in one tiny little fender bender in a parking lot and ever since then its like she avoids driving it.  and she wonders why our boss made her do the morning run and all the hectic errands yesterday...but she has already sworn off driving the van in the walmart/market basket parking lot and the medway dunkin donuts....uhhhh sorry sweetie but those are two MAIN places that we take them, so ur gonna have to get over it.  i wasnt comfortable at all in that van in the beignning, but i just forced myself to get over it and gain confidence cuz i realized that this was my job now and i needed to get used to it.  she acts like she's being inconvienced or something...its like..ok this is what we get paid to do.  she is way too picky already about how many places she takes them when she goes out and things like that.  its just way too early to be like that.  one of the clients told me that she thought she was mean, hahahaha. it made me laugh.  cuz she really is.  she's just one of those people that automatically cops and attitude with people without realizing it.  she's too quick to tell them no when they want to go places, pretty much just cuz she feels uncomfortable with it.  and that is sooo not fair to them.  she just has something new to complain about every single day.  its just weird.  i was so excited and interested in the job in the beginning....and i still am.  i never dread going to work and ya stuff annoys me and ill need to vent about it, but not the way she is about it.  i just embraced everything in the beginning cuz i wanted to get as much out of it as possible.  all she does is bitch about how we have so much downtime and how she feels like she's supposed to be doing something...yet when she has stuff to do she is like wicked stressed and cant handle it.  bahhh so lame.  i wonder if anyone else is annoyed.  its not like i can gossip about her to the people in their 40s that work here...me and her are the only young girls.  my boss seems to like her, and so do the other people...but i feel like part of them sees that side of her too and realizes she's a little more negative and unwilling to really put herself out there yet.  she's just getting too comfortable avoiding stuff that she's not comfortable with...and she wonders why she has nothing to do.  she's extremely outgoing, thats why i feel like she really shouldnt get away with not having to do certain stuff just cuz she doesnt feel like it or whatever, cuz its not like she's shy and is having trouble adjusting to the job.  she is smart and adjusted very quickly, so there is no reason that she cant take on everything required for the job.  i mean there are few things we are capable of in the beginning and one of those main things is transporting them around where they wanna go, within reason, and she cant even handle that.  she thinks its so weird when i go out on a trip and say im probably just taking them for coffee and come back like an hour later cuz people ended up wanting to go other places.  its like...well im not a cold bitch who just tells them no cuz it wasnt in the plan...if we have time and its in the area, there is no reason we cant stop at other places on the way.  i'd much rather be wasting time driving around then sitting in the office.  bah.
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Date:November 4th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
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Want me to come home and kick the shit outta her for you?

Your job sounds so much like some of the positions here at my job, which means one thing, come down here and work with me!

Also, I found this email you wrote me when were in high school saying how I was such a bitch and it was getting in the way of our relationship, hahahaha. We were both pretty annoying at 16, I think. Oh well, now we're clearly uber cool.

I miss you :(
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Date:November 4th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
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hahahahaha i remember that email and i remember what was going on. u basically were being a bitter bitch because i was still with tim and u and jurgs were having problems....ahhh highschool...but see those are the appropriate times to have drama like that...not when we're in our 20s and should be over it...i guess some people never learn.
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Date:November 4th, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC)
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ps i think i'd like to see that email and have a chuckle myself :)