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Jun. 17th, 2007 @ 07:50 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
so things have been going good.  going to find out about 2 jobs tomorrow and im pretty sure at least one of them will work out, so im looking forward to that.  i think im gonna be babysitting like 3 days a week for 8 hours, which wont be too bad.  there are three kids and the youngest is 5, so thats notbad at all.  and they have a pool! so thats always a pluss.  i can make money and work on my tan at the same time.  so things are finally looking up on the job front, thank god.  had a good time last night with julie and samantha and other such friends.  its good to just have a ridiculous night of randomness and good laughs.  things at home are pretty good.  my parents have been real chill lately which is always nice.  sometimes i worry i take them for granted.  im very thankful for the fact that unlike most parents they treat me like an adult.  i dunno, i guess growing up i just realized that being honest was the only way to go with them, cuz then they treated me right cuz they respected me as well.  and with respect comes trust, etc.  i just got to a point, probably after i turned 18, where i stopped asking, i just told them what i was doing.  i knew in my head they would have no good reason to really stop me from anything unless they thought i could be harmed or something.  i always listen to them if they have concerns cuz i trust their judgement, but they also trust mine, which is nice too.  even with my mom and all her random worrying, she knows when to just be quiet.    things with andy are good too.  finally back to his normal schedule this week so he's not working as crazy of hours so he'll actually be sane now.  i feel like he's just been in a tired haze the past few days.  but it was nice we actually went out on the nights he had off and stuff, which was good.  and i've been babysitting here and there to make some money and keep myself busy as well.  and im housesitting in a week or so that will be pretty sweet for money too.  i just am looking forward to getting on a normal schedule and being able to relax.  cuz what i've been doing lately...i dont consider it relaxing.  in order to relax u need to have been doing something that was tiring u or something....which i havent been.  im just really looking forward to being able to enjoy doing nothing again. 
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