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Jul. 2nd, 2007 @ 05:45 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
so im 21 years old and have had a decent amount of boyfriends, yet i just received my first bouquet of flowers from a boy yesterday.  it made me happy cuz they were daisies (my favorite) and were a surprise for no apparent occassion or anything.  so yay :)  i really never thought i would have a boyfriend like this.  i actually didnt think someone like him existed.  sometimes, as comfortable as things still are, i feel like we are still in the bliss stage..and to have been together for over 7 months now and still feel that...i'd say thats pretty good.  even seeing him everyday i feel like we maintain the "freshness" as my mom likes to call it.  

so i have a job.  finally. im a nanny for this family in mansfield and so far i really love it.  its 3 days a week from 8-5 and i pretty much get paid to play with the 5 year old, watch them in the pool (aka: sunbathe), and drive them around if they need it.   the youngest is 5, a girl, then another boy who is 10 and one more girl that is 12.  they are all pretty good kids and make me laugh.  i enjoy the 10 and 12 year old cuz its like being able to talk to normal, almost adult people.  the 12 year old girl is cool.  i was worried about her being like one of those 12 year olds going on 18 and wanting to be like britney spears...but she's normal, thank god.  she makes jewelry and is really good at it, so thats fun to do.  and they are all pretty self sufficient so its a good thing. the 2 oldest dont really need me, im pretty much just there to watch them in the pool and drive them places.  so everything worked out for me, thank god.
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