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Jun. 6th, 2007 @ 07:49 am (no subject)
Current Mood: calmcalm

blah, Andy had to get up wicked early to go to work, and now i cant fall back asleep...so im doing this i guess

So the summer started out awesome with me and Andy's trip to myrtle beach and virginia.  It really ended up being a perfect vacation.  I kept thinking that something was going to go wrong the whole time, just cuz I had been excited about it for so long and had built it up, and I just figured with my normal pattern of things that something dumb would've ended up happening.  But everything was good and the weather was perfect all week.  It  flew by though, of course.  I still can't believe we even went.  I was so excited about it for like 2 months and now its just gone and only a memory.  I hate that.  I dunno, its good to know that we were able to spend 24 hours a day with each other for over 7 days straight and never get annoyed or have any petty arguments.  yes, we were on vacation, but still..a TINY part of me was nervous, cuz as much as i know i see him everyday for the most part, we had never spend THAT much time together before.  but it was great, definitely a good bonding experience and such.  i have tons of pictures that i have yet to put up anywhere.  i think im just gonna put a sampling on facebook and the whole collection on my yahoo photos.  just for those of you that care...haha

so now im in the reality of summer and the reality of the fact that im more broke than i was before and now i dont have a job.  blahh.  i hate that.  i feel like part of me can never have any real excitement for summer cuz once i get home i know i have to find a job again and blah blah blah.  and it just sux cuz im in this blah routine right now...which is basically having no real routine.  there is only so much job searching i can do everyday and none of my friends are really home for the summer yet.  i see andy of course, but he's on a crazy schedule now with 2 jobs and whatever.  i just neeeeed to get on a schedule and figure things out for myself right now.  

but im hanging out with jason today.  havent seen him in foreverrr.  so that'll be good.  then andy finally has a night off so that will be nice since we'll actually be able to hang out and not have him just come home and pass out.  but i really cant complain cuz i do get to see him everyday and stay over and stuff, which definitely makes whatever crazy hours he works worth it.  

well i guess i've wasted some time here.  mer.

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