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Apr. 29th, 2007 @ 04:03 pm (no subject)
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Countdown til the end of the semester...

4 days..
Sociology paper
Sociology presentation
Sociology final
Experimental showcase and research paper
Clinical Psych test
Physiological Psych test
Italian final

so much to do, but there is so little time that it seems like it should be closer than it is,  but it doesnt really feel like it yet.  im very anxious for summer to begin.  i definitely had a really good, funfilled year, but its time for a break again.  this semester didnt suck as much as i thought it would in terms of work, but now its starting to get intense, as it always does at this time of year without fail.  its to be expected, so i try not to freak out and just get things done.  just trying to get through one day at a time.  im sweating the experimental paper the most then probably the sociology final and presentation...just cuz i have decided i hate sociology and i just have no motivation for it cuz i really dont like the subject matter (sorry julie).  everything else i know will be fine, its just getting through it all.  

also, the fact that i have a bunch of things to be excited about this summer is making these last couple weeks dragggg.  me and andy are going on a week trip down to myrtle beach where we're staying at this sweet hotel right on the water and it just looks like its gonna be gorgeous there.  i've never done anything like this before so i am very excited.  i kept looking at people's pictures of spring break where they had gone to all these beautiful places with friends and boyfriends and i just kept thinking how much i wanted to be able to do something like that.  so i was very excited when he told me about this idea.  so on the way back up we are going to stay in virginia for a few days where he can visit with old friends and i can see the place he used to live and then we're possibly gonna go to virginia beach for a couple days too.  so that will be fun too.  im beyond excited and we're leaving the weekend after i get back home, so its sooo soon.

also, my mom talked about going to miami to visit her family for a few days which we havent done in a long time as a family so that will be a good time too cuz i havent seen my cousins in such a long time.  it will be kind of weird cuz a lot of things have changed since the last time i was there, but i know it will be good.  

i am also finally going to see Dave this summer in hartford with Lia, so i am super ecstatic about that.  for some reason, only god knows why, i've never seen them live even though they have been my favorite band since foreverrr.  i know it will be an absolute blast and im excited to see where lia lives finally and just have such a crazy experience with her.  that is in the beginning of august so i cant get too excited about it yet....even though im already wanting to start the countdown, haha.  

and its also gonna be a blast this summer since most of my friends are now 21 and we will have a new totally different social scene.  it will be so much fun to just be able to go out and have a drink when we're bored instead of sitting around whatever what we're gonna do with ourselves for the rest of the night.  

its funny, cuz just like winter break i thought this summer was gonna suck.  when me and tim were still together, it was assumed he would be doing cadets this summer and basically be gone the entire summer.  then it seemed like a bunch of my other friends werent gonna be around either, so i was basically gonna have no one.  but a lot of my friends' plans have changed and of course i have andy now and all these plans so there is endless things to be excited and happy about!

but i gotta make it thru these next 2 weeks first....

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